12 YEARS OF BUILDING BRAND NAME. (Hoan My International Clinic – Bac Ninh)

16-05-2018 01:28

About us,


Started a small consulting room at 411, Tien An street that moved to 469 Nguyen Trai street, Vo Cuong Ward, Bac Ninh Province from 05/08/2009 and got the new name is Hoan My International Clinic.

On the first operation day, the new place of the clinic still lacked many human resources and material facilities.

But non-stop of that, Hoan My International Clinic under Hoan My International Hospital Joint Stock Company has strengthened its pioneer position as one of the first private hospitals in Bac Ninh and has continued to grow up to now.

Located at the center of Bac Ninh Province, an intersection point of many main streets. That place was convenient for our customers, patients from all over the city coming for medical examination and treatment.

With more than 12 years of establishment and dramatic development, Hoan My International Clinic now consists of 18 departments, including the Department of Andrology, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Department of Internal Medicine, Laboratory Department, Department of Imaging Diagnostic, Department of Aesthetics and Therapeutic, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and more.

Hoan My converges Professor, Doctor of Medicine, The Master, Meritorious Doctor, Specialist from many leading hospitals in Vietnam such as:

· Vietnam National Children’s Hospital

· Hanoi Heart Hospital

· Banh Mai Hospital

· National Cancer Hospital

· Viet Duc University Hospital

· 108 Military Central Hospital

· National Otorhinolaryngology Hospital of Vietnam

· 110 Military Hospital

· Bac Ninh General Hospital

· Hanoi Medical University Hospital

· Keangnam Cosmetic surgery clinic

. Pediatric Center founded by Hoan My cooperate with Associate Professor, Doctor of Medicine, The Master, Specialist from Vietnam National Children’s Hospital and Hanoi Medical University Hospital.

Also, most of the machinery systems- the most modern facilities imported from the leading manufacturers in Germany, America, Japan, Korea, and more. What types of equipment were strict quality inspections with the Ministry of Health’s regulations, ensuring absolute safety. Besides, Hoan My has two ambulances, especially the X-ray cars for entrance medical checks and periodic health checks of companies.

– All medical staffs were strictly well–trained at national health facilities. The professionally-trained of technical team has continuously partaken in professional training courses, attending medical workshops abroad to update the latest knowledge and techniques.
– Annually, all staff are trained caring attitude, patient communications, etc.
– Organized Voluntary activities every year. Some exemptions policies for homeless, helpless children, elderly or disabled people.


At Hoan My International Clinic, customers will have a chance to be examined by experienced doctors and be invited to enjoy an ideal examination space with the state of art equipment and facilities of the world-class.

1. The medical facilities and modern treatment techniques for gastrointestinal endoscopy.

– Olympus CV-190 machinery systems (Gastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy by exaggeration method)

– Olympus CV-170 machinery systems (Gastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy)

– Fujifilm -3500 and Fujifilm -2500 (Gastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy)

– ERBE VIOS 200S machine. ( Combustion cutter Polyps)

– ENDO CLEAN 2000 machine. ( Autowashing Endoscope)

2. The medical facilities and modern treatment techniques for Imaging Diagnosis.

– Slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanners: CT Somatom go. Now – Germany, CT Brivo – America, CT Con beam – Korea.

– X-ray scans (Korea): Digital fluoroscopies, mammary glad X-rays, dental X-ray machine, and X-ray Cars.

– MRI Machine (Magnetic resonance imaging): MRI Machine Airis Light (Japan) and MRI Machine Magnetom Sempra (Germany).

3. The medical facilities and modern treatment techniques for Ultrasound.

– High- tech Ultrasound machines such as Elastography, Voluson E6, S6, S8, Ultrasound machines, etc.

Besides, Hoan My provides ultrasound machines for entrance medical checks and periodic health checks of companies.

4. The medical facilities and modern treatment techniques for Laboratory Medicine. (All tests performed at the department are strictly controlled by modern control systems).

– Automatical biochemistry test machines.

– Access Immunoassay systems.

– Hematology analyzer with many indicators.

– Urine Strip Reader machine.

– Glycated hemoglobin(HbA1c) analysis.

– Several testing machines.

5. Our pharmacy.

Hoan My’s Pharmacy followed by Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP) standard. Not only a variety of medicine but also high- quality, legal source, balanced price supplied well-known manufacturers from inside and outside country.

6. Our specialists.

Companion with Hoan My International Hospital.JSC is more than 200 medical staff who are skilled and experienced doctors. They all are high-qualified and experienced with years of holding high positions at K Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital, National Otorhinolaryngology Hospital of Vietnam, Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, Viet – Duc Hospital, and other large ones.

Hoan My International Hospital.JSC is proud that:
• Offering fill services at the international healthcare standards.
• Meeting the requirements of people living in Bac Ninh and customers from other provinces of Northern Vietnam.

In addition, the team of receptionists, nurses, and technicians of the hospital have been professionally trained and always provided patients their best care at the most suitable price for our customers.

Following the criteria of Medical ethics – Quality – Friendliness, Hoan My Healthcare System will continuously make efforts more and more perfect.

For further information, please contact:
Hoan My International Clinic – Bac Ninh
Add: 469 Nguyen Trai, Vo Cuong, Bac Ninh.
Tel: 02223.858.999

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